10 Tips for Healthy Eating Motivation

Episode 84

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In episode 84 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli community, Jill and Chris discuss motivation for healthy eating.

We all know that losing weight is hard, but many of us in the Becoming Elli community are committed to keeping the weight off means by maintaining a healthy eating lifestyle.

During this episode we discuss healthy eating motivation:

  1. Set a Goal
  2. Anticipate your weaknesses
  3. Plan your food
  4. Prepare and Prep ahead
  5. Weigh and track progress
  6. Swap out for healthier choices
  7. Find a friend/community
  8. Keep it simple
  9. Make routines
  10. Use a mantra

During other podcasts we’ve talked with nutritionists, dietitians and women who have lost weight and kept it off. Some people enjoy a keto lifestyle, or vegan, vegetarian, paleo, LCHF (Low Carb High Fat), or a Mediterranean diet. Others use intermittent fasting.

We don’t specifically talk about different foods, but more about the motivation to eat in a healthy way. We have found that having discipline will carry your through when your motivation is lacking.

Healthy Eating Motivation tip 5 weigh and track progress

In many episodes of our podcast we talk about motivation for exercise and many of the same tips work for keeping the healthy eating motivation. Remembering your WHY. Working with other people. Having a meal plan and “go to” options.

Thanks for listening! We’d love to hear from YOU! How do you maintain your motivation to eat healthy? Did we miss an important tip that really works for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below or leaving a voice mail at 330-970-6662.

3 thoughts on “10 Tips for Healthy Eating Motivation”

  1. Taking care of our diet and fitness is very important for a healthy life. For this, it is very important to eat the right food and at the right time. These healthy eating motivation tips are very helpful for many women who want to stay healthy and fit. Keep posting!!

  2. Enjoy the tips.
    I have a hard time getting enough veggies in daily , what helps me is a green smoothie after working out. 1 cup Spinach, 1 orange, 1/2 a cucumber and half a banana or a few berries and 2 cups water with a little stevia to sweeten a little. Also can add carrots or mix up many other veggie/ fruit concoctions.

    Another tip- I bring an apple to work each day and leave in the car . On my way home I eat it and I’m less hungry at dinner.

    1. Those are great tips Amy! Thanks so much! I just finished a bike ride and made a spinach smoothie with Granny Smith apple, carrots and several handfuls of spinach!

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