Fitness on Valentine’s Day: Some Ideas on How to Celebrate

Valentine’s Day is a weird holiday, I think, so I might as well think about fitness on Valentine’s Day.

I associate this holiday with those school parties that required me to help create a decorated shoe box and to buy cards for kids to distribute in class. Now that I think about it, isn’t this a strange holiday to be celebrating in school?

If you have a sweetie, then you can celebrate in the way you want. If you don’t, you can celebrate with friends or decide to just ignore it. So, basically, Valentine’s Day is not my favorite holiday. And I really hope that nobody gives me candy because you know I’ll eat it.

Whether or not you’re celebrating, you can keep the holiday in mind when you work out today.

Fitness on Valentine’s Day

Maybe you can do some cardio today to strengthen your heart.

Pamper Yourself

If you have a sweetie, perhaps you should schedule a couple’s massage. If you are on your own, perhaps you should schedule massage just for you.

Similarly, if a massage is not for you, pamper yourself in a different way. Perhaps today is the day for that mani/pedi you’ve been intending to get or maybe try a facial. Do something that’s just for enjoyment.

This might be a good day for a yoga class. Yoga is so good for focusing the mind and relaxing that holidays always seem like the perfect time for a class.

Find a friend or your significant other and do one of their favorite activities. Maybe that’s a dance class or wall climbing. Whatever it might be, what a great gift to give someone. Your participation in their activity. No grumbling about it either.

Get Outside!

Run a race! I noticed that many places have 5K (or longer!) races to celebrate the holiday. Running or walking a 5K can be a lot of fun so if you have a race near by, consider signing up for it.

Naturally, I like nature so I always think that getting outside for a hike is enjoyable. If you’re dealing with winter weather, you might have to decide if this is worth it, but maybe bundling up and getting fresh air is a good idea.

You could also consider skiing or snowshoeing if you’re in the snowy areas.

Fitness on Valentines Day

Make a Date

Finally, make a date with your sweetie and go to the gym. Lift weights together and spot each other. Get benches next to each other and do the same workout. I know, this sounds really romantic, doesn’t it? However, even if it’s not romantic, it’s a great idea to have some together time working out before you on to dinner or whatever you’re doing to celebrate.

No Conversation Hearts in My House!

Personally, I’m glad that I don’t have to deal with kids, candy, and Valentine’s Day this year. I’m going to make sure I do something special today to celebrate in my own way. This is not the day to sit on the couch binge watching Netflix and feeling sad.

Finally, if someone wants to buy me a gift for the day, I hope he skips the chocolates, flowers, and such because I could use a new gym bag.

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