Hormone Health for Women Over 50 with Jeannie Beaudin

Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast Episode #29

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In Episode #29 of Fit Strong Women Over 50, Jill and Chris interview Jeannie Beaudin, a recently retired pharmacist who specialized in balancing women’s hormones for over 10 years, while she owned her own pharmacy.

Her clients appreciated her broad knowledge of non-drug, natural and standard treatment options.

As a compounding pharmacist specializing in balancing women’s hormones, Jeannie would take time to thoroughly review the hormone-related symptoms, explain available choices and discuss the woman’s preferences for treatment.

In today’s podcast, Jeannie explains how she became known as “The Hormone Lady”. The podcast explains how women can work together with a compounding pharmacist and the doctor to improve hormone health. Four levels of treatment are outlined.

She describes how she and her husband eat following a health scare 14 years ago. “No white flour and I make my own bread.” She mentioned Michael Pollan’s rules for eating: “Eat real food. Mostly plants. Not too much.”

Also in this episode:
Chris and Jill talk about their winter training and look to the spring.

Veggie Challenge – how did you prepare your vegetable of the week?


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