Inspiration, Motivation and Discipline Podcast #35

Looking for inspiration, motivation and discipline? Podcast #35 Becoming Elli Community

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In episode 35 of the Fit, Strong Women Over 50 podcast for the Becoming Elli community, Jill and Chris discuss inspiration, motivation and discipline.

We discuss attraction versus fear, commitment, accountability, the carrot and the stick as well as approach and avoidance.

Listen to the conversation where we talk about:

  • What’s the difference between inspiration and motivation?
  • Where does discipline come in?
  • How can you get motivated?
  • What do you do when you’re not feeling inspired to eat healthy or to work out?
  • How do you use the Becoming Elli community to help stay motivated or inspired?

More inspirational and motivational women mentioned in this podcast:

4 thoughts on “Inspiration, Motivation and Discipline Podcast #35”

  1. This was the first podcast I listened to of yours. I just love you guys (gals)! I just turned 54 on Sunday. I have always been energetic, active, I love exercise and how it makes me feel. Always being a walker, I started running when I was 48 and have since ran two marathons, numerous half marathons and a few 10ks (I strive for the long distance). I do yoga, hike, bike, swim, love kayaking and open to about any outside activity. BUT this past winter was horrible with menopausal symptoms, weight gain (especially around the middle), just feeling crappy, depressed, no energy. I worried about my (15 pounds of) extra weight and strived to get back my zest for life. Long story short, it was a very loooong winter here in Northeast Washington!! This spring I through myself back into it (being active). Even when I didn’t feel like it I surged forward and decided not to worry about the number on the scale and just do my best to be healthy. I run 3 to 4 miles every morning before work and try to fit in strength training at home, yoga etc. I believe I have conquered the “dull-drums” and feeling soooo much better and healthier. The spare tire (around my waist) still exists but I just ignore it and figure it will disappear when it’s ready!! I just want to thank you Jill & Chris for your expert advice and encouragement. You two are a big part of my INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION. More and more everyday I’m feeling like myself again. Hoping to do my third marathon before turning 55!!

    1. Susan:
      Welcome!! We’re so glad you’re listening and finding inspiration and motivation here at Becoming Elli. Wow, 3 marathons! You are rocking it!!

      Congrats on conquering the “dull-drums!” That can be very challenging! Looking forward to connecting with you more over the coming months!

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