The Power of Pushing Limits at Any Age with Gwendolyn Bounds

#156 The Power of Pushing Limits at Any Age with Gwendolyn Bounds

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Gwendolyn Bounds is an award-winning journalist and author of NOT TOO LATE: The Power of Pushing Limits at Any Age.

A few months shy of her 47th birthday, author and journalist Gwendolyn Bounds asked herself, “How is it possible to become good at something when you are already far behind and time isn’t on your side?”

Her intimate story takes us from playgrounds and gyms, where Wendy trains among children and athletes half her age, to far-flung Spartan Race courses – including the vast desert of the Middle East.

As she moves from the back of the pack to eventually become a podium finisher in her age group, Wendy captures the humility, challenge and elation of pursuing something bold and new amid the realities of midlife: caring for elderly parents, a demanding job, and a body no longer in its prime.


Pushing Limits at Any Age
Gwendolyn Bounds c. Jennifer Barrett of New Light Creative Services

We discuss:

  • The secret weapon of harnessing “crystallized intelligence”
  • Dynamic warm ups, stretching cool downs, hydration, good sleep and avoiding aches/pains
  • Studying videos of the best racers to learn their edge
  • The difference between “atelic and telic” activities – wake up to enjoy those activities that never completely end
  • How conquering obstacle racing has affected other areas of her life
  • Wisdom of being older with patience and perspective and using it to get an edge over the competition
  • Using a cooling chilly  pad ( for getting better sleep
  • The power of pairing yourself with people in your life that will make you better
  • Eating a Mediterranean diet, hydration, ice, massage, coaches, physical therapy and recovery exercise
  • Wearing a continuous glucose level patch


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