Mid January Re-Focus

There is a certain day in January that recognized as the day most people quit their resolutions. I think I might have hit that earlier than normal.

It’s been a weird start of the new year:

  • I had taken a flu shot, but still “caught” a bit of something.
  • I participated in an awesome healthy living / self care / meditation / yoga workshop, but ended up having back spasms on the way home. From driving??? Not sure. It took a couple of days with hot rice bags and stretches to get the kinks out.
  • Signed up for a “biggest loser” challenge at the gym. And in 2 weeks, somehow I’ve gained 2.4 pounds. (Honestly, I think it is salt and timing.)
  • Snow fall the last few days have resulted in more steps than the earlier weeks as I cleared the driveway, but has left me with cabin fever.

How I’m refocusing to get my head out of the funk:

  • I am replaying the most recent podcast episode about fighting processed food addictions. Wow. This one is hard to ignore!
  • Feeling discouraged, I did a “quick” summary of 2019 doctor visits and tests. (30 for my mom, 6 for my dad and 4 for me.) No wonder I’m feeling my focus has shifted.
  • Improving my workouts, circuit training, spinning, and light jogging. It’s easier now that I feel like I kicked that bug I caught.
  • Re looking at my words: Grateful/Habit Cue/Declutter
  • Entering and tracking my food in MyFitnessPal

Not the healthiest lunch when processed wrap and processed cheese meets tomato with oregano. Tomorrow will be better.

How are you getting back on track on your 2020 plans this January? Maybe you never got derailed – so how do you stay on track? Leave me a message by voice at 330-970-6662 or email chris@becomingelli.com. Thanks! I can use the encouragement.

2 thoughts on “Mid January Re-Focus”

  1. I have also had to do a late January evaluation and reboot.
    Wasn’t ready on the 1st.
    Thank you for the last podcast episode. It helped me remember and refocus a bit.

    1. The second half of January has been better for me than the first half. Here’s to onward and upward for 2020! Thanks for your comment Ren!

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