Getting and Staying Fit After 50

Episode #50: Getting and Staying Fit After 50
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In episode #50, Jill and Chris discuss what it takes to stay fit and strong after 50. We talk about eating habits, exercise routines and finding the motivation to get and stay fit.

In this episode we interview each other about:

  • What it takes to not gain the weight back after losing it
  • Favorite meals and go-to recipes
  • Timing of meals
  • Style of eating
  • Favorite exercise routines
  • Increasing happiness
  • Things we’ve learned from the experts
  • What foods we avoid
  • How to stay motivated

We invite readers and listeners to let us know what works for them: leave a comment below, email us at or jill@becomingelli. If you prefer to leave a voicemail, call 330-970-6662. We appreciate our Becoming Elli community!

3 thoughts on “Getting and Staying Fit After 50”

  1. I am so glad I found your podcast. It’s very relevant and very helpful. My favorite exercise has always been strength training because I just think you get the most bang for your buck, but I hike, walk my dog, snow ski once a year and prep for it the rest, and sometimes run, too.

    However, I really have been in a very unmotivated spot for about six months and went searching for something and found you! You’re now my “Saturday podcast”! (There are so many I want to listen to so I’ve assigned them days to help me filter through what I want to listen to.) I listened to two of yours today.

    My 23yo daughter gained SO MUCH WEIGHT during college. But my 25yo daughter is getting married in May and even before they were engaged, the other one had started using MFP to lose weight. I’m so excited for her — down about 12 pounds and exercising. Plus, we are running a 5k in March which is a big deal for both of us.

    Thanks to her and the fact I’ve hired a trainer for the first time ever, I’ll be tracking more. I’ve never really tracked lifting because I was doing it very regularly and consistently and could see the progress. I’ve never been motivated by looking back at past progress (unless it was weight loss or gain).

    Can you tell me if you just have one Facebook page or two? I only like joining private ones because I don’t want everyone else seeing questions I might ask. I only found one and it looked like it was open?

    Thank you for doing your podcast and congrats on hitting the 50 mark!


    1. Hi Staci, I’m glad you found the podcast too! We’re in this together keeping the motivation going and learning about getting and staying fit and strong.

      We actually have 2 place in Facebook. One is a page ( that is open where everyone can see what you write.

      The other is the Becoming Elli Group which is closed and private. Only the people who are in the group can see and write in it. We ask 3 questions of people before we add you into the group. Looking forward to seeing in the group!


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