Work Out Pants that Really Work for Me

It’s been just over a year since the Twinsburg Duathon and I’m getting ready for another race activity this morning.

This activity is supposed to be very muddy. Trying to figure out what to wear has always been a challenge. Today’s challenge is not to wear something that you care about because it might get trashed in this mud-filled terrain race.

This promoted today’s post, where I thought I’d share about my two favorite pants for working out.

Having clothes that work with you instead of against you makes a big difference in how I feel about working out.

Two pairs of workout pants that I really adore are:
Long yoga pants:

Yoga and running pants from the Gym People that are high-waisted and hold in my tummy without chafing. The Gym People really have it together. I especially love love love the deep pocket for phone or keys. The fit is great.

For bike riding/running:

These Baleaf bike pants fit great and are so comfortable riding. I wore these pants (only $15.99 on Amazon) during the Twinsburg duathlon where it was 2 mile run, 10 mile bike and 2 mile run. They have a large comfortable pad and longer legs that go to the knees. I think they are flattering (ha ha, as if any bike shorts are flattering!) but it is hard to say how they will fit on other people.

Do you have favorite gear to work out in? If so what are your favorite workout pants? Tops? Leave a message below in the comments. Thanks!

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