Diane’s Workout Secrets: An Everyday Woman Shares What She Has Learned

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Becoming Elli Podcast #7

Diane's Workout Secrets on Becoming Elli Podcast #7

Diane is an everyday woman who works a lot of hours at her job, has children and grandchildren, and is active in her church. She finds time to work out in some way six days a week and looks and feels fantastic.

A few years ago Diane Berkley decided to see how strong and fit she could become.

In episode number 7 of the Becoming Elli Podcast, Jill and Chris interview her and  she shares her workout secrets with our listeners. In this episode, you will learn:

  • How she works out
  • What she did to gain muscle
  • How she has added running into her routine
  • How she eats to stay lean and strong
  • How often she eats

“I see women working out in the gym, struggling to change but things stay the same. So I asked my trainer… What makes the difference?”

Bonus – Stay tuned at the end of the podcast tips for how to get a bit more active!

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