On The Ball with Tennis Expert Gyata Stormon – Episode 51

On The Ball with Tennis Expert Gyata Stormon – Episode 51
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In episode 51 of the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast, Chris and Jill continue to explore the different ways that women over 50 find to be fit and strong. In this episode, we talk with Gyata Stormon, tennis coach, author, and yoga instructor. Gyata is the author of the recently published On the Ball: Doubles Tennis Tactics for Recreational Players.

Currently living in upstate New York, Gyata has lived all over the world. Dealing with health and fitness in different places gives her a unique perspective on how the Becoming Elli community might benefit from tennis and yoga.

Gyata gives us advice on how to begin playing as adults and WHY we should consider starting to play. If you played when you were young or never played at all, Gyata believes we can learn to play tennis and enjoy it. She sees tennis not only as a way to stay fit but to have social connections and mental exercise.

We discuss:

  • How to stay fit and strong playing tennis
  • How to avoid injury
  • The difference between singles and doubles in tennis
  • Her philosophy on coaching
  • Gyata’s travels around the world and how this affected her sport
  • Yoga
  • Staying motivated
  • Eating paleo

Gyata shared with us some insights about overcoming breast cancer and mental health issues. She discussed how playing tennis, practicing yoga, modifying her diet, and maintaining healthy relationships keeps her moving forward.

During our conversation, Gyata described some of her favorite “go-to” foods. She talked about nut breads, including cashew bread. She also describes how she makes sprouts.

Links and how to reach Gyata Stormon

website: www.ontheballbook.com

Facebook: Gyata Stormon

Instagram: Gyata Stormon

Email ontheballbook@gmail.com

Amazon: On the Ball

Cashew bread recipe that Chris is going to try
(Note that Jill is hoping to be invited over for a cup of tea and a slice of this bread.)

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