It was a Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Park

Jill and I took a walk in a nearby park yesterday morning.

It was great opportunity to be able to spend some time together, catch up on things and discuss ideas for future topics and podcast guests for our Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast.

The weather was cooler than it had been lately, only around 78 degrees compared to over 90 degrees several times this past week. A nice breeze was blowing and the sun was shining!

Penny and Peanut, our dogs, also enjoyed getting out and smelling the fresh air.

A few weeks ago a wild windstorm came through and pushed down quite a few trees along the path in the park. We both were surprised how much damage there was and also how quickly the park crew had cleaned it up.

Kids were playing on the playground and lots of runners and other dog walkers were on the trail for a walk in the park as well. We saw lots of Canada geese in the water with their young hatchlings. We tried to get a photo of them in the background behind us, but I believe the water is too bright to actually see the geese.

It’s great to have a break in the weather and get some exercise. Good weather during our walk made catching up on our Becoming Elli plans a lot of fun.

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