Dressing for the Gym

The topic of dressing for the gym comes up occasionally. I went into the locker room at my gym yesterday and a woman I know from the locker room was there. She was wearing a cute outfit for working out. She had on a black skort, you know, the short skirt that has shorts underneath. Her top was a cute short sleeved black and white striped jersey. A very attractive outfit.

I commented on it. I told her how nice she looked. She said, “I’m worried that I’m showing too much skin.” I told her I thought she was fine.

She said a friend of hers who always looks polished told her that the key to looking good as you age is to cover up as much as possible.

I said that might be but she looked fine in the outfit. I said you should wear what you want to wear and it doesn’t matter what others think. Also, most people won’t be paying attention to how she looks anyway. And if anyone does pay attention and they don’t like how she looks, that’s their problem.

I get it though. I look at myself in the mirror when I’m getting ready to go to the gym. Is this T-shirt tight enough for me to work out without the shirt billowing out? Is it also loose enough that it disguises my belly? Or at least does it make me think it serves as a disguise?

I talked about what actually to wear to the gym in an earlier post. Gym clothes really aren’t difficult. We should dress for comfort and ease. It’s great if we also find something that we enjoy wearing.

Of course, we want to look good. We’re so aware of how our skin wrinkles and how the blotches from the sun are unattractive. We’re never thin enough or strong enough.

Anyway, Patty wore her outfit and I saw her working out. She looked great to me. She’s a 70-something year old woman who is in the gym doing push ups and biceps curls and whatever else is in her workout. That’s a great look in my opinion.

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