Inside Out Egg Rolls – Healthy and Delicious

I’m always on the look out for delicious recipes that are healthy and easy to make. Inside Out Egg Rolls certainly fill the bill. Finding something that adds important vegetables into my diet while satisfying the “yummy meter” is a win-win.

One of my friends from the gym – Angie – posted a recipe that was similar to this. It inspired my version of the Inside Out Egg Rolls and I’ve made it for the past three weeks in a row. It has become a staple in my household. Each time I’ve made it a little differently. You can certainly modify this to make it your own!

The way I classify this as an Inside Out Egg Roll recipe is the consistency of the finished veggies. While you can add whichever vegetables you feel satisfy the requirements of an egg roll, the ones I especially like are shredded cabbage, shredded carrots, and some tiny broccoli pieces. This recipe also can make good use of large broccoli stems that can be shredded and saved for adding to your own unique egg roll.

To make it even easier, you can buy a bag of shredded veggies to dump into this one-pan meal.


  • Olive oil (if desired)
  • 1/4 pound of ground beef (per person)
  • Chicken stock or veggie stock
  • Cup of water
  • White and/or red cabbage – shredded
  • Carrots – shredded
  • Broccoli – shredded
  • Romaine lettuce – chopped
  • Kale leaves – chopped
  • Medium onion – diced
  • Celery – sliced
  • Spices – soy sauce or salt/pepper to taste

Instructions for Inside Out Egg Rolls:

Brown the burger beef. Drain any fat (if desired.)
Add a little olive oil if you feel it is too dry.
Add chicken stock (or veggie stock) with water.
Warm stock and water.
Put veggies into same pan.
Stir to saute veggies.
Add some soy sauce to taste.
Add pepper to taste.

I was amazed how yummy this was. I like using a little bit of chicken stock and no soy sauce, but that is just me.

It is very fast cooking – especially if you have prepped the veggies on a Sunday evening to make this a wonderful quick mid-week dinner. A fast, delicious and healthy meal makes it a really favorite with me for when I’m tight on time and want something that is good tasting and good for me. I also like that this provides another way to get some of those healthy cruciferous crunch collection vegetables into your meal.

What do you think? Are you going to try making some Inside Out Egg Rolls? Let me know how you modify this recipe by leaving a comment below.

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    1. Yes, absolutely! And that would speed up the process even more. A simple, delicious meal. Thanks!!

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