How Many Steps Do I Take in a Year?

Someone recently asked me how many steps do I take in a year. Apparently I don’t think big enough because I’ve never set an annual goal for myself. I have tinkered with a daily goal of steps and I have had weekly goals but I’ve never set an annual goal. My daily goal is set currently at 10,000 . I’ve changed that number in the past but I just leave it as is now.

The question about an annual goal made me curious about what I’ve done in the past so I logged into the Fitbit dashboard and got some numbers. This was a lot easier to do on my laptop. Using the Fitbit app on my phone was more difficult to get the totals. If you want to check this out, I suggest you use the web version of Fitbit.

I remember Chris sharing her Fitbit data a few years ago. It’s always interesting to look at those totals.

How Many Steps in a Year

Here’s a breakdown of my totals per year for as long as I’ve been wearing a Fitbit.

Year Steps Floors Miles Calories
2020 (Jan – Aug) 2,753,992 4030 1,227.36 561,806
2019 3,688,570 4274 1,649.06 812,909
2018 4,341,364 6801 1,913.71 896,669
2017 4,662,734 5635 2,118.93 910,336
2016 4,824,029 6836 2,182.38 868,856
2015 4,253,875 7124 1,971.57 810,115
2014 3,071,844 5713 1,365.49 778,890
2013 (Mar – Dec) 2,505,079 4481 1,101.9 731,658
Totals 30,101,487  44894  13,530.4  6,371,242 

This is interesting. I had a drop in steps in 2019. Basically that was the year that I moved out of my much larger house that also had stairs in it. That might be enough to account for the drop in steps.

My highest number of steps occurred in 2016. I was running a lot then and it’s also the year that my weight was the lowest.

I have four months left in 2020 to get over 900,000 steps to beat last year’s steps. Although I never set a yearly goal, this has now become one. I just want to beat last year’s total.

My complete total for the past seven years is over 30 million steps. Doesn’t that seem like a lot? I can’t quite comprehend that many steps! I guess you just break it down until you get back to 10,000 steps per day.  Actually, I did some very rough calculations to figure out averages and it comes out to approximately 11,000 per day since 2013. I feel great about that!

If you have Fitbit data, feel free to share it with me. I’d love to hear what you have done.

3 thoughts on “How Many Steps Do I Take in a Year?”

  1. Wow Jill, it’s great to see this all compiled into a giant chart. Great accomplishment.

    I don’t usually use steps as a goal for me, because when I bike ride, especially in the nearby national park, it gives me lots and lots of floors and I feel like I cheated.

    Keep up the great work!!

    1. Ah, yes, those floors are pretty suspect at times. I find steps to be a pretty easy way to gauge how I’m doing activity wise. I found all of that data to be interesting, if nothing else. It’s easy to see when I was really working out and when things slacked off a bit.

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