Gardening is Much Easier Physically For Me Now that I am Fit

People who have known me for a long time, know that I love gardening.

Since I lost the weight and started exercising regularly, my gardening time is part of my “free time” that has been traded for exercise classes and bike rides. It is physically easier than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Gardening used to be my main form of exercise then and I would spend hours with my plants.

Gardening is much easier physically pink flowers
Hollyhock, Japanese Iris and Rhododendron
Perennials vs Annuals

Luckily, I planted perennials, which mean they come up year after year. They have beautiful flowers that bloom for just a week or two. The downside of perennials is that the beds need to be weeded. I prefer perennials over annuals. Annuals give color all season long, but they only last one season.

Peonies (with pine tree dust), Rose of Sharon tree and Yucca Plant

I am counting my fitness blessings and easier gardening is one that I am starting to take for granted. During my 40’s when I was gardening a lot more, it was hard to bend over, difficult to stay on my knees and much harder to get up again.  Weeding my perennial plants and bushes got a lot easier in my 50’s after I lost weight and got more fit!

Spice bush, PJM bush and Black Eyed Susans
Spice bush, PJM bush and Black Eyed Susans

Seven ways gardening is much easier physically now that I am fit:

  1. It is easier to bend
  2. My knees don’t hurt
  3. I can carry more weeds over to the compost pile at a time
  4. Moving mulch isn’t nearly as hard
  5. I don’t need as many breaks
  6. It’s a LOT, LOT easier to get up again
  7. My back doesn’t hurt after an hour of working in my gardens

My biggest gardening problem is that I am usually riding my bike or going for a run when I used to be tending to my gardens! Ha ha! Finding the time to weed and enjoy my gardens is more of a challenge. I love the colorful flowers and they make my heart sing!

Do you enjoy gardening? Has your fitness made a difference in your enjoyment? What hobby do you have that has been made easier since you became more fit?

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