Getting Past Negative Voices Women Over 50 Podcast

Episode #14 of Becoming Elli – Fit, Strong Women Over 50

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Do you ever have a day when you are just not “feeling it?” When it is a struggle to stay positive, to stay on the healthy side of eating, or to stay on your workout schedule?

Ever had a day when the negative voices in your head comes up with lots of excuses and faulty reasoning?

Or a well-meaning comment from a friend or family member hits you wrong? In today’s podcast Jill and Chris talk through some situations where voices of doubt may creep in and impair your forward motion.

During this podcast, we discuss:

  • Innocent (or not so innocent) comments from strangers
  • Opinions and remarks by well intentioned family members
  • Why sometimes you are being your own worst enemy
  • How to counteract the negative voices
    How Jill became a runner.
  • What Chris did to start riding longer distances on her bike
  • What got Jill started with her first steps in weight lifting
  • Why working out with a calendar, other people and progressing with the workouts helps
  • How strength training helps the tendons, ligaments, muscles and even bones.

During the past few years we have discovered why a community of like-minded women and listening to experts helps us to combat the negative voices. Why competition helps to get over negative voices. How keeping track shuts down the negative voices and replaces it with a positive affirmation.

While we were discussing ways to get past the negative voices, we talked about Mantras. (Positive thoughts or phrases like “I’m worth it!”)

Mantras can be very important and a lot of people – runners and other athletes – use mantras to keep themselves focused and moving.

We created a sheet of Mantras for Fitness. If you’ve ever struggled with motivation, you may want to download a free copy of Becoming Elli’s Mantras for Fitness. We’ll ask you for your name and email so you can receive Becoming Elli updates.

If you have a special affirmation or mantra that you’d like to share with the Becoming Elli community, please leave a comment below or send an email Chris or Jill and let us know!

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