Tracking Food is Making Me Aware

There is no question that tracking food and water helps me to be more aware of what I’m eating.

I notice that I consciously switch to a lower calorie choice or delay making a choice when I’m keeping track.

Since I recently started keeping track of the amount of water I drink and tracking what I am eating I have noticed these changes:

  • Snacks have been fruits – granny smith apples, bananas, frozen berries
  • I’m choosing more lean chicken breast for the protein
  • I prep food more often
  • I go back and look at prior days to find out what works
  • Putting together the grocery list seems easier, more purposeful
  • Tracking gives me another routine to the day (which helps me to separate the days during the sameness of the pandemic.)

I really wouldn’t think that all that comes from just tracking food, but I notice one step leads to another. I track my food in an app on my phone that shows calories as well as the macros, but I track that I’ve tracked my food each day by filling in a little piece of the coloring page that was posted on our Facebook Group by one of our members.

Healthy Swaps: 

I am definitely drinking more water because of tracking my food. With the cold temperatures, my furnace has been working over time and forcing hot dry air in the house. I know I feel better with the right amount of water and it is noticeable.

Another positive change – when I actually enter the food into the app before I eat it, I often make a slight switch to a different ingredients, or en drop something all together.

This has lead to an “AH-HA” moment. I think I am going to try to re-frame my thoughts about cooking. Instead of thinking about having “leftovers”, I’m going to think about cooking as “meal prep.” Meal prep to me means making something that is not for the immediate next meal. I usually think of cooking as the step for eating. Having a “meal prep” readily available – (I almost wrote leftovers! this is going to take a while!) – is handy to have ready when I need to pack a lunch or dinner. Doing meal prep when I’m not hungry is something that I really enjoy.

The other benefit is when I make food myself, I know exactly what is in it. Much easier for tracking food.

While becoming more aware, I noticed something else about my attitude. It’s surprising to me that I enjoy cooking, because normally I don’t. The difference? I make more things when I am not hungry. Food prep on a full stomach, instead of a watering mouth, makes more sense. Perhaps I hit on a good key for me to learn and enjoy some new recipes. Seems like a simple thing – probably something that everyone else learned many years ago – when they learned to cook. It’s eye opening to me, but probably a “duh” to you all.

I took my time and played some music, got all the ingredients out first. Last night I made some more stuffed green peppers and cabbage rolls. Because the stuffing in both is so similar, I made plenty of the filling. This time I tried adding a secret ingredient: water chestnuts! tracking food with cabbage rolls and green peppersIt bulked up the ground beef/onion/rice filling and gave me another vegetable for the 2021 Veggie Challenge! Best of all, even after baking they still give a bit of a crunch.

Three Words:

Food prep and food tracking is another activity I want to encourage in my life. Finding the time to prepare food and fit it into my schedule takes a little planning. Every day that I track food helps to strengthen my resolve.

There is still a long way to go for my activity to be considered real exercise, which is what I had in mind when I selected that word. At this stage of winter, activity in the right direction of good health is a considered a win.

Thanks to one of our members in the Becoming Elli Group for posting this great idea to track my tracking food habits!Daily Monthly Yearly Tracking Food tool This tool is working for me. I love the motivation and inspiration from the group!

How are you doing with your plans for yourself this year? If you have a goal, resolution, or three words – maybe a training plan, action plan or other tool, let me know how you’re doing! Leave a comment below or email me at

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