The Fun of Fall Biking

With the change of seasons here in Northeast Ohio I am missing the sun of summer, but I have to admit that I am really enjoying the fun of fall biking.

The weather is a bit more brisk in the morning, the haze of summer is gone and I don’t get overheated. The fall leaves are just starting to change.

After consistently riding almost every weekend of the summer, I feel strong. This was a record breaking summer since I started riding my bike again and tracking it in Strava. Due to the corona virus pandemic, I severely limited gatherings with my friends. This meant that I didn’t get together with alot of friends and I’ve really missed doing the very fun, long long bike rides with them.

The good news is that I’ve been more consistent on my riding than any other year. I’ve loved doing the Kent Loop, a 22 mile ride and have been riding it almost every weekend.

Fun of Fall Biking Compared to Other Years
The 2020 year started off great, but this is definitely a different vibe for staying fit and strong for me. My normal is off. So far in my 2020 season, I’ve only ridden 353 miles over 20 rides (averaging 17 miles a ride.) My totals for the 9 years that I’ve been riding are 5657 miles over 269 rides. If I take out 2020 numbers, I usually average 663 miles a year. So while the riding mileage is about half as many miles and the number of rides this year is about a third less, considering 2020, I’m still proud of myself for getting out there.

fun of fall biking

At the end of summer I usually start to feel like it is time to make new goals (I think because of school starting and new weather patterns), so this week I’m planning to figure out a new work out plan. It won’t be long before my bike will need to get put away for the cold weather!

Do you find that the fall brings out a change in your exercise patterns? How has 2020 changed your “usual” routines for staying fit and strong?

3 thoughts on “The Fun of Fall Biking”

  1. First, thanks for sharing. I love your podcast and this group! My bike riding always has been about pleasure, connecting with nature and releasing any accumulated stress or tension (from life’s challenges or too much computer time). Rather than focusing on distance or speed, I vary my breathing techniques while riding. Typically breathing through my nose (which could be its own conversation), I shift into higher gears, sometimes standing, sometimes sitting, and pedal in sync with my breath on level ground and on gentle hills. I practice similar breathing techniques when hiking on hills. Indoors, I’m learning to juggle with weighted balls. Good for the body and brain!

    1. Hi Nancy. Thanks for the comments and compliments! I’ve gotten advice about varying breathing techniques while running but never thought of it for biking. That’s a great idea. Also, I went to a seminar once where the speaker tried to teach us how to juggle. It’s certainly a challenge.

  2. I think consistency is key so even if you’ve ridden less this year, you’ve been doing it consistently. I bet you’re feeling strong!

    Great photos, by the way. It’s wonderful to be able to get out in this fall weather.

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