End of Summer

It’s now the end of summer and in just a few days it will be the first day of autumn. Summer in Ohio is key training time, if you do anything outdoors related. Soon, it will be time to get back on the treadmill or head to the gym for more strength training.

Before I do that, however, I thought it is worth looking back at the summer to see what I accomplished.

Summer Activities

I managed to keep attending boot camp and training sessions at the gym. Did I really gain any strength? I don’t know but I went often enough that I don’t feel that I lost anything.

I ran a fair amount and managed to run in a variety of places.

In the early summer, I spent a few days at the beach and got a couple runs in there. My ankle and hip was still bothering me so I walked on the beach and ran on sidewalks and boardwalks. Sand running was too challenging for me.

I spent a couple weeks in South Carolina with my parents. I found a few great trails for running on and managed to get in some runs. It was extremely hot so I had to adjust to that.

Back in Ohio, I ran in several locations. I enjoyed some parks, some road running in neighborhoods, and did some trail running.

This was the first summer in a few years when I didn’t run any races. I missed the races but never managed to sign up for one. At first, I was feeling too slow and out of shape to race and then I began to improve but just never managed to sign up for one.

End of Summer

A lesson learned is that it’s good to have some races on the calendar. It really does improve training because there’s a goal and an actual date on the calendar. I think next year I’ll sign up for races in the spring so that I  know I have to do them.

How was your summer? Did you reach your goals? Do something fun? Share a comment here or on the Becoming Elli Facebook page. You can email me at Jill@Becomingelli.com.

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