The Best Shape of Her Life with Laurie LeBlanc

Episode 129 – The Best Shape of Her Life with Laurie LeBlanc

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Jill and Chris first met Laurie LeBlanc when she joined the Becoming Elli Facebook group last year.

She lives in Ontario, Canada and recently retired from a rewarding 35-year career with the Ontario Public Sector. For the last ten years she held various Deputy Minister positions, leading complex departments including the Ministries of Transportation, Training, Colleges and Universities, Municipal Affairs, Housing, and Aboriginal Affairs. She has been the recipient of several awards, including being named one of the top 75 alumni of Carleton University’s school of public policy.

While Laurie enjoyed her career, she is thrilled to now have the chance to enjoy all life has to offer. She has made her own health and wellness her new project. Vowing to be in the best shape of her life when she reaches 60 in two years, she bought a kayak, hiking boots, and a gym membership. She is slowly making progress.

A big part of her journey has been being more deliberate about how and what she eats and is having a great time exploring new cuisines. Laurie is not going through this journey alone. She is relying in particular on the support of her son and daughter-in-law and her enthusiastic dog Lexi.

We discuss:

  • Getting into the best shape of her life
  • Cellular health and the ageless method
  • Feeling stronger and more energetic
  • How she measures her progress
  • Kayaking, hiking, being in nature
  • Whole foods and different types of cuisine
  • Using the Alphabet, choosing a country and spices
  • Farm to table vegetables

Her go to recipe for Chicken Curry with lots of vegetables, chicken thighs, coconut oil, tomato sauce and spices.

2 thoughts on “The Best Shape of Her Life with Laurie LeBlanc”

    1. Hi Lisa:
      I just saw this, sorry I’m late to reply. This was posted in our private group:

      Jill Bidwell McCauslin: Laurie, what were the beans you mentioned, the ones you use like oatmeal?

      Laurie LeBlanc: Lupini. I bought the flakes and the pasta

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