Healthy Weight from Spices and Greens

#135 Healthy Weight from Spices and Greens

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In episode 135, Jill and Chris speak about using spices and greens for a healthy weight with Joanna Wen.

Joanna Wen is a weight loss coach who helps her clients lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. Her unique approach helps her clients love their food and lose weight without deprivation.

Joanna also helps her clients get to the true root cause of their overeating and remove those blocks so that they keep the weight off once and for all., Joanna specializes in online nutrition and weight loss coaching through her website, Spices & Greens.

Joanna has studied and experimented extensively with the healing powers of food to de-stress, gain energy, and lose weight. When she contacted us, she said that she enjoys learning about nutrition for longevity because she is approaching her 50th birthday.

Healthy weight loss with spices and greens
Joanna Wen uses spices and greens to help control cravings and aid in weight loss.

We discuss:

  • Why it is so difficult to be a healthy weight
  • How she helps her clients with food cravings
  • Special tips for losing weight for women over 50
  • Strategies to stay on track with healthy eating
  • Advice for dealing with hormonal changes and eating
  • Her top food hacks for reducing stress and emotional sweets cravings
  • What tweaks she made in her morning smoother to gain energy
  • Three spices she likes recommends for helping with weight loss and why
  • What type of exercise she recommends for losing weight
  • Why fiber in food helps and how juicing doesn’t work as well


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