Getting Outside on More Walking Trails

I never realized how many walking trails that there are about 5 to 10 miles from my house. This spring I’ve been taking advantage of them and getting more minutes than I was last year. Several reasons for my increased walking:

  • A new dog in my household
  • Now that I’m vaccinated, I’m not as worried about the pandemic
  • I’m using walking as one of the stress relievers in my life
  • Even with juggling obligations, it’s easier to fit in than other exercise

Last week I mentioned some of the walking trails that Peanut and I have ventured on and I thought I’d do an update this week. She already knows when we are getting ready to go and gets excited to be walking trails.

This past week we walked in four new places to her: Veterans Parkway, Baseball Fields, the Towpath, and Barlow Farm Park

walking trails barlow farm
Two early morning miles at the Barlow Farm Park
walking trails baseball field
Walking trails around the baseball field near my niece’s house.
walking trails towpath
Morning walk at the Towpath Trail with Peanut
walking trails veterans park
Enjoying the sandy path at the Veterans Park.

I’ve definitely upped my activity the past few weeks and I’m happy about that since it is one of my keywords for 2021. I also managed to get two bike rides squeezed in during the last few weeks.

Although I’m still not as active as I would like, I’m glad that I’m finding more opportunity to fit in the activity. The better weather is really helping too. I’m taking the opportunity to squeeze in more steps and more activity whenever I can.

How about you? Are you finding it easier or harder to be active? Why or why not?

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