Find Your Tribe with Jone Carpenter

Episode 104 – Find Your Tribe with Jone Carpenter

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Originally from rural southeastern Ohio, Jonella Carpenter, known as Jone, is both a mother and grandmother. She can often be found walking, running, or hiking in her local parks in all kinds of weather. Her attraction to the outdoors started when she was a kid (even the outdoor chores were fun for her) and grew as she became an adult.

In 2008, a friend suggested that Jone run a half marathon, and though she didn’t know what she was in for, she has never been afraid of a challenge. She toed the blue line of the Akron Marathon on a crisp September morning without training, and though she crossed the finish line three hours and forty-five minutes later, she couldn’t walk for days.

Needless to say, she learned quite a bit during that first race! Since then, Jone learned more about how to train, fuel her body, and stay motivated even when times were tough. As a breast cancer survivor, her body has been through significant changes but continues to be a way to explore nature, connect with friends, and challenge herself in a variety of ways. She even overcame a life-long fear of water to learn to swim in her 50s.

Among her friends and running buddies, Jone is known for always saying yes to any adventure (even the cold, muddy ones) and can often be found encouraging others (even strangers she’s met along the way) to keep moving. Through the miles, boot camp classes, swim lessons, and other adventures.

One key point of advice to women over 50 who want to be fit and strong: Find Your Tribe. Jone ran informal groups of friends calling themselves the Towpath Turtles or BCB – the Bad Choice Babes and works out at a gym where the group exercise inspires her.

During this episode we talk about:

  • Running races and training
  • Finding a group of like-minded friends, Finding Your Tribe
  • Lifting weights and cross training
  • Her experiences with breast cancer and running shortly after her mastectomy
  • Reframing your attitude to “I GET to do this” instead of “I HAVE or I SHOULD”
  • Learning to swim in her 50’s
  • How she listens to her body
  • Keeping muscle and protecting bones
  • Group cooking
  • Watching macros (using protein powder as a creamer)

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