Making 2020 Commitments

I’m starting this year by making 2020 commitments. I guess it is kinda like resolutions, but I’m following Jill’s lead of selecting 3 words for the new year.

Before I jump into 2020, a quick summary of 2019. Last year was okay when it comes to work outs, but not great. The hardest part was no running, but I had made that commitment to myself. Honestly I really miss it and may do a bit of it in 2020, but it won’t be a major focus.

My daily calorie burn in 2019 was an average of 25 calories less than in 2018 (according to my FitBit.) It’s not that I didn’t get enough exercise, I actually spent more active time, it’s just I didn’t run and I did a lot more yoga:

  • Outside bike-riding: 523 miles (down from usual of over 700 a year)
  • Walking the dog: 55 miles
  • Spinning classes: 41
  • Yoga classes: 38
  • Strength circuit classes: 21
  • Kayaking: 3

Moving into Next Year by Making 2020 Commitments

2019 was a very good year but I’m ready to look forward. Here are my 3 focus words for 2020:

Grateful – Focus on gratitude. Count my blessings, hug my loved ones and try to look at the good side of situations. It’s too easy for me to get fixated on what is not going well and ignore the 99% of how lucky I am. While I don’t want to be overly pollyanna-ish (I’m naturally opimistic), I do want to be sure not to miss the good things that come from difficult situations. (A good friend calls them growth opportunities.)

Cue – After re-reading the book on building habits, I’m going to focus on the cue to the habits, more than the actual routine or reward. Set a reminder on my phone to take my vitamins. Put out exercise clothes the night before for the next morning. Make my to-do list at the end of the workday.

Declutter – Let go of the things that are too worn, outdated, I don’t need or don’t bring me joy. Finish the projects I start. Discard or donate the things that I’m no longer interested in. In my mind, this word somehow ties in with letting go of procrastination.

For instance, years ago in my 30’s and 40’s I thought for sure I’d want to be working on quilts. Ha! Funny. Although I did more than 11 or 12 quilts before my kids were born, instead of wanting to curl up on the couch and quilt when I got older – instead I now want to be outside, riding my bike, walking the dog and enjoying the weather. Anyone interested in taking over my quilting stash?

I’m also looking at slight changes in my eating. I started some of this before the new year, but have been watching to see the effects.

Are you making any changes for 2020? Have a 3 word focus? Slight changes or a big move? Let me know how you’re doing by sending an email ( or leave a voice mail (330-970-6662) or leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Making 2020 Commitments”

  1. I like how you tracked all of your workouts last year. How did you do that? What did you use? Also, I had a friend who cleaned out her craft stash by posting it on Etsy. You could probably do that for your quilt stash (or try Facebook Marketplace.)

    I missed your running last year so I hope it works it’s way back into your routine for this year!

  2. Altho I don’t have an official work, gratitude is definitely something I’ve been feeling! Grateful for every run, grateful for all my workouts, grateful for my family…it’s pretty wonderful, isn’t it?

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