Non-Sleep Deep Rest Protocols and Yoga Nidra

In a recent podcast episode with Diane Allen we discussed some Non-Sleep Deep Rest protocols and I talked briefly about practicing Yoga Nidra with some guided meditations which features a body scan. I find this practice deeply relaxing and helps me focus when I am awake. To be honest, I often fall asleep while practicing, which kind of messes up the whole “non-sleep” part of the program. Even so, I always find this very beneficial, especially when I am overly tired, stressed and need more calm and focus in my life.

Benefits of NSDR
The benefits of Yoga Nidra with Andrew Huberman on the Tim Ferriss show. This link takes you to YouTube. Although the video starts with an ad, you may find it helpful if you’re unfamiliar with Non-Sleep, Deep Rest protocols or Yoga Nidra. He explains the difference between NSDR, Yoga Nidra, self-hypnosis and offers some free resources to free recorded guided meditations.

  • Helps with falling asleep
  • Relaxes the mind when you are stressed
  • Helps with turning off racing thoughts
  • Enhances calm feeling
  • Improves focus, learning and memory retention

Here are some links to meditations using deep relaxation guided audio files that you may find helpful if you are adding this tool to your fitness and mental health programs.

Guided Meditation Links
I really love the voice on the guided meditations from UCLA recreation. These meditations are best done while laying flat with your arms at your sides and your legs relaxed in a comfortable position. I prefer the yoga savasana position (corpse pose) with my head on a small pillow and a lightweight blanket on top of me.The first group are three separate meditations from UCLA, published back in 2010. Here is the Sound Cloud site. Yoga Nidra One, Two and Three.

This link is to the  UCLA recreation channel on Sound Cloud, which Includes the the Yoga Nidra guided meditations from 2010, plus multiple breathing exercises.

Some people suggest that doing this type of meditation can restore the body as much as 3 hours of deep sleep would do. While I’ve never been able to achieve something to that level, I do find that doing this type of medication helps me when I dealing with a lot of stress or am very fatigued.

Have you ever tried the NSDR – Non Sleep Deep Rest protocols or practiced Yoga Nidra? Did you find it beneficial to your mental and emotional state? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Thanks!



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