Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Outdoors

This year we were Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Outdoors. It was a great way to spend the day.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Outdoors

Last year at St. Patrick’s Day, we were in shutdown here in Ohio. Most everywhere was in shutdown. I remember that my friend bought my a corned beef sandwich as takeout and left it on my front porch for me to enjoy. I sat at home by myself, ate my sandwich and drank a beer. It was an odd day, for sure.

This year that same friend and I went to a local restaurant to have that corned beef. The day was so beautiful and warm that we were able to sit outside, have a sandwich, and a beer, and enjoy each other’s company.  What a nice way to spend some time with a friend.

Later in the day, I took Penny, my now 10-month-old puppy, for a hike in the nearby national park. It was a glorious day for a hike. Lots of sun and it was warm enough not to have to be bundled up. Penny loved that hike. She sniffed everything she could and hopped around on that trail like she’d done it many times before.  It was a rather rough trail in places but we managed to make it around the loop without problem.  I think the total hike was probably around two  miles so certainly not too long but we both enjoyed it. I told Penny that it was her holiday since she’s an Irish Doodle.

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Outdoors

The hike with Penny made me realize that I now have a great hiking companion. I’m hoping that one day she’ll be able to run with me but if nothing else, having a dog to take on the many trails around me is wonderful.

The day was so much more enjoyable than last year. I suspect I might not have enjoyed the day so much if I didn’t remember how I spent it during the shutdown.

It was wonderful celebrating St. Patrick’s Day outside. How are you enjoying being able to get outside and maybe spend time with others?

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day Outdoors


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