Grabbing a Quick Walk

This time of year I often feel the stress of not enough time. With only 5 days until Christmas, it feels like a count down for all the things I have to get done. Taking time exercise seems harder to squeeze in when there is so much to do — parties, gifts, decorating and reconnecting with family and friends.

Even when there is “NO TIME”, I am trying squeeze in some fresh air and a walk.  I’m trying to get a little exercise at every opportunity. By getting a few more steps in and keeping my metabolism burning, I’m trying not to end up gaining weight during the month of December!

After I mailed a package to my sister at the local post office tonight after work, I took the opportunity for a quick walk around the pond at the park across the street.

It didn’t take long, but definitely left me feeling energized. Maybe it was the cold air? I don’t know, but I find that getting out and taking a quick walk makes a good difference in how I feel.

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