Grab and Go Supplies for Easy Exercise

I have found that sometimes 90% of getting to the gym or going for some exercise is getting out the door. That’s why I try to do what I call “grab and go supplies.”

One way I decided to make that a little easier is to create a spot where all my bike riding gear goes. Helmet, sun brim hat, gloves, water bottles, neckerchief, and bike shoes are stored together in a little cubbie area. My bike and pump stay in the garage. It works for me to keep everything together, so I can just grab and go.

Having my gym bag packed with all the essentials is another trick. Swimming suit, googles, and cap, all live in my gym bag, along with a hair brush and deodorant.

I keep another bag for skiing. It contains my favorite ski socks, handwarmers, liners, pants, gloves, helmet and goggles. I hang the bag over the wooden hanger that holds my ski jacket. Boots, poles and skis are stored in the basement.

My running gear is more spread around, especially since I haven’t been running very much this past year. I don’t use as much equipment, but the clothes, socks and shoes make the biggest difference. I love to create a “flat Chris” the night before an event. Most running events are very early in the morning and many roads are closed well before the event, so I’ll be getting up to go we;; before the sun and leaving the house super early.

It really helps to keep me on track in the morning. Having things ready the night before calms the nerves about forgetting something.

Yoga is pretty simple. My mat is about all I need, because my gym supplies blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters. I used to have yoga socks with the little stickies on the bottom of the sock and the toes open, but I think my washing machine ate one of the socks.

For each one of my “sports” I put together a list. It really helps when I change seasons. The check lists include the long version (weekend ski trip or bike trip) along with a just quick trip. It really helps when I keep everything together.

For me it is okay to skip the lip balm when I am biking, but not when I’m skiing! Or skip water bottles if it is a short run, but include electrolytes and snacks if it’s a long one.

For all of my sports, I have my sport fanny pack. Even walking! In it goes my glasses with case, my phone and that all important bee sting kit.

How do you organize? Do you keep lists? Do you keep your gear all together? Let me know how you manage. I’m always looking for a better way.

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