Christmas Fitness Gifts

It’s a few days after Christmas and I’m enjoying my fitness gifts. This year I received personal training sessions and some passes to a new (to me) yoga studio in the area. Isn’t that a great way to go into the new year? Chris and I discussed what we want to accomplish in 2023 in our recent podcast so perhaps these Christmas fitness gifts will help out.


I’m excited about the yoga classes because the studio appears to have a wide range of classes. I used to only want advanced yoga but these days I’m happy to indulge in some gentle yoga or restorative yoga. I can’t wait to sample a bit of both types. A bit more strenuous and a bit less. Sounds ideal.

I also saw that the woman who owns this studio used to run a yoga program at a local gym. When I went there many years ago, she had a class that I loved. It was a strength training yoga class, though it was called a Mind-Body class. It was yoga with some Pilates mixed in and some dumb bell work. I see that she teaches a Strength Training class at this new studio so I’m eager to try it out.

I’ll keep you posted on my adventures at a new yoga studio.

Personal Training

The personal training sessions are with my usual personal trainer at my gym. I was feeling a bit uncomfortable with how much I spend on personal training so getting some sessions as a gift is wonderful. I’m really grateful for such a thoughtful gift.

Some years I’ve received gear for my various activities and that’s been great. This year, though, I don’t really need anything like gear so receiving gifts that allow me to do things is excellent.

Let me know in the comments if you received any good Christmas fitness gifts. It’s great when people recognize the work you’re putting into being fit and strong.

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