Riding My Bike Outside is Amazing

Yes, riding my bike outside is amazing. I went on a short vacation recently to Catawba Island on Lake Erie. It was a perfect trip: gorgeous weather and lots of outdoor activities.

Riding My Bike Outside is Amazing

We went for a bike ride at East Harbor State Park. It was my first ride outdoors in over a year. Yes, I know. Very strange.

Differences between Indoor and Outside Riding

I’ve been riding my bike indoors using Zwift and my smart trainer. I really like my virtual rides because I’ve ridden my bike through London (I never realized how many hills there are in London!), Richmond, VA, New York, and a variety of other places. I also don’t have to worry about traffic or other people. I’ve shared my inside riding adventures before.

Getting on my bike and riding through the state park was fantastic. I did have to remember how to use the brakes on my bike and how to change gears. My indoor rides don’t require any of that.

I also had to wear my helmet instead of using a virtual one.

The Glories of Nature

It was glorious riding outside along Lake Erie. The view was inspiring and it was just a lot of fun. I’d forgotten that bike riding can be fun. I’ve been thinking of it as just another kind of exercise but forgot that there’s something wonderful about riding your bike in nature.

Seeing the lake along side the trail and spotting herons nearby was soothing to me. I could have done without the flock of Canada geese on the road but I did enjoy seeing the wild flowers and trees.

I was riding in a state park and even though I was on a road for part of the ride, there wasn’t a lot of traffic and everyone in the park is aware that there are people out enjoying the park. They know to be on the lookout for runners, bikers, fishermen, and walkers.

I do live by a bike and hike trail. I’ve been using it for running and walking but this is a good reminder that I should be using it for biking too.

Even though I like riding my bike indoors, jumping on my bike and riding it as it was meant to be ridden, outside, that is, was so much better.

Truly, riding my bike outside is amazing.

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