These are a Few of my Favorite Veggies

I love vegetables, especially my favorite veggies. I have found that if I don’t have a bunch of product in the refrigerator, I feel like we don’t have food. Most of them I cook, but many just eat raw.

“Eat your vegetables” is something that kids hear from adults, but many times, even as adults, we find it hard to eat enough vegetables.

During 2019, we’ve been doing the #VeggieChallenge here in Becoming Elli by coming up with new recipes or trying new vegetables each week. While it’s a marvelous goal, I’m finding that my vegetable list continues to include the tried and true choices.

Here’s what I find that I buy and eat most often. I guess you would call these My Favorite Veggies:

Artichokes – I usually buy in a jar, but love to make these with Parmesan cheese the way my sister showed me.
Asparagus – My other sister makes asparagus for holidays and I’ll fix it like that with cheese, but usually just roasted in the oven.
Avocados – It’s been hard to find ripe ones lately, I love eating these with my egg whites in the morning.
Bib lettuce – delish in a salad or to hold hummus
Beets – in our garden. LOVE these roasted
Broccoli – I usually steam broccoli but also like it raw or roasted
Brussels sprouts – roasted is my favorite
Cauliflower – raw, riced, baked and boiled/mashed – I love C-flower!
Celery- chopped and mixed with tuna
Cucumber – with vinegar and tomatoes
Green cabbage – a little olive oil and baked on a cookie tray
Iceberg lettuce – rarely buy except I eat from a salad bar
Kale – growing this in our garden out back
Mushrooms – love these sauteed with eggs
Olives – black, green and Greek especially
Onions – white, and yellow. Not so much the purple
Peppers – green yes. But love the yellow, red and orange minis
Pumpkin – especially the canned plain pumpkin to bulk up a soup
Radishes – shaved in a salad. Whole when roasted
Red cabbage – shredded in a salad
Red Lettuce – placed under another salad as garnish
Sauerkraut – Love sauerkraut. I cook it in the crock pot low and slow.
Spinach – two bags of washed spinach each week. Wilted and eaten with my eggs
Sweet Potato – baked is favorite, but sweet potato fries are a treat
Swiss Chard – growing in my garden. Great wilted and sauteed with garbanzo beans.
Tomatoes – mostly little grape tomatoes but this time of year big Beefsteak or Early Girl or Roma tomatoes are great!
Zucchini – now is the time, right? Who else makes zucchini bread?

What am I missing that you wouldn’t go without? I’ve shared my favorite veggies, so now, what is your favorite way to fix them or eat them? Let me know by sending an email to or calling 330-970-6662.

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