Meet The Hosts of the Becoming Elli Podcast – Episode #2

Episode number 2 of the Becoming Elli podcast introduces Chris Brown and Jill McCauslin, the hosts and publishers of Becoming Elli – where women over 50 inspire each other to become fit and strong.

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This episode gives a short background on the hosts and provides an idea of what the Becoming Elli podcast, website and community will focus on. It also includes ideas on how to find workout friends.

In episode #2 Meet the Hosts of the Becoming Elli Podcast we discuss:
  • How we got inspired to create Becoming Elli
  • Why is it called Becoming Elli
  • Why becoming part of a fitness community makes such a big difference
  • Why we feel it’s important to develop a community of like-minded
  • How we are working toward becoming fit and strong
  • How we changed our attitudes towards food, exercise and being active
  • Tips Segment: How to meet other people to workout with

Links mentioned in this episode:

  • – a website and an app for “athletes” who run and bike. Through an app on your phone you can become friends with other people and cheer them on with comments and “kudos”.
  • – a website and an app to track steps, calories used and work-outs. Uses wearable technology (zip or watch synced with your phone.)
  • – a website that helps people in the same area with similar interests find each other (No, it’s not a dating app!)
  • Becoming Elli Facebook group – We are considering creating a closed Facebook group where the Becoming Elli community can meet to inspire each other and share info. Please email us with your thoughts or leave a comment below.Thanks for listening!

We’re participating in the Weekly Wrap to tie in with other fitness sites:

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9 thoughts on “Meet The Hosts of the Becoming Elli Podcast – Episode #2”

  1. Hello Ladies
    I come across your podcast recently and can relate totally to you both.
    Listening to your early episodes and enjoying it all. I used to love doing all sorts of exercise and over the last couple of years have only rode my road bike but have been thinking about doing weights and having more variety. You have both inspired me.
    Thankyou from Australia

  2. Sometimes I listen to podcasts while working out at the gym and I think a facebook group would be another great forum as well.

    I love the idea behind your blog and podcasts …women over 50 still rock!!

    1. We’re figuring out the best way to do this but I think a group will be fun. Thanks for your input.

      I download podcasts that I want to listen to and then play them while I’m driving. It can be hard to stay on top of them, though, so I know what you mean.

  3. You’ll find many strong women over 50 in this group. I love the idea of what the name represents. Thanks for sharing the podcast link and information. And…for linking here!

  4. I love how you have decided to embrace our age group and build a community! Please include me in the FB group or let me know how I can join.

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