Nutrition and the Best of Diet Writing 2017: Check It Out

There’s tons of information on the internet about diets. Oh my, I think diet information is only behind pornography in popularity for internet searches. I confess, I like reading some of it. even if I roll my eyes at what some people put out there.  Specifically, there’s a lot of discussion about nutrition and what we should eat and less writing about diet.

A good source for information about nutrition that seems to be pretty reliable and unbiased is the Nutrition Wonk blog and website. This site provides lots of detailed information about studies and nutrition science. Here’s their description of the site:

This is a site for the folks who love nutrition as much as they love food.

Nutrition Wonk gets into the weeds of nutrition science, old and new, to examine protocols, outcomes, and historical contexts for nutrition claims.

Nutrition professionals so often need to simplify nutrition science to bullet points.  At Nutrition Wonk, we do the opposite. It’s a site for people who ask, “but why?” and want to know how the mouse study gets made.

The most recent post on this blog is The Best Diet Writing 2017  (February 4, 2018 Katherine @NutritionWonk). I really liked her list and recommend checking some of this writing out. (I know that you’re going to have to click on this link and then click on her links but I still think it’s a good list and I want to share.)

The first book in this list is Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay. I haven’t read this book yet but I saw Roxane Gay speak last year. She was fantastic: funny and articulate and well aware that she is a large woman. I want to read this book based solely on her talk.

Do you have any good diet writing or even food writing that you want to share? If so, add it in the comments.



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