Less than 100 Days to Go – Weekly Wrap Up

This week I got more serious about my training program for preparing to run the Cleveland half marathon on May 20th. Something about seeing less than 100 days on the count down clock makes me realize I better get on the bus, my rear in gear and work the plan!

My week, of course, did not exactly follow the plan, but I managed to get in some strength, conditioning, stretching and running in this week.

Monday – got a good hour of spinning for cross training. Great music and heavy hills (resistance on the knob.)

Tuesday – too much desk time. This resulted in a very satisfying yoga workout (via youtube videos) as well as important balance work. I specifically work on my ankles and calves to help with my reoccurring Achilles tendonitis.

Wednesday – up early (4:30 am.) Busy circumstances required that I only got 10 or 15 minutes cardio at a time. Taking the stairs is my “go to” on a day like this and it always gets the heart pounding – 7 flights, three separate times, plus a fast 500 steps to the parking deck twice. Glad I wore my Brooks Ghost shoes.

Thursday – Rest day with only 38 active minutes and almost 8,000 steps spread out pretty evenly during the day. I think the 8 floors of stairs were a just a result of catching up on laundry.

Friday – 30 minutes of spinning and 30 minutes of body weight workout (burpees, side planks, side lunge, squats, hold the squat, v-ups, triceps)

Saturday – walk/run the indoor track for 30 minutes, then 10 minutes on the treadmill and 45 minutes of full body (core, arms and legs) sitting, bouncing and “dancing” on an inflatable exercise ball to peppy music. I know that going to the grocery store when you’re starving is never a good idea, so I was glad I brought some protein powder with me to mix in my water to hold off the hunger pangs.

Sunday – Beautiful spring like weather in Ohio means outside I go! That’s what I’m talking about!! I got in 4 miles with an easy, steady pace. It was a great run and I felt I could have done double the distance, but I know I’ve got to build the distance over several weeks! The photo looked a bit wet, because my phone got fogged up from me sweating – I sweat no matter what the temperature!

– BONUS: Sunday night Jill and I recorded an awesome podcast with a powerful woman who is a personal trainer and gym owner. Check back later for the release in Becoming Elli – fit, strong women over 50 – podcast #4.

Are you training for a goal in less than 100 days? Let us know how you’re doing on your quest to become more like Elli – fit and strong. Leave a message in the comments.

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