Fun Things to Do in the Evening

It’s the end of the day. Your work is over. You’ve done your workout. You maybe even have all of your steps. Time to relax. What do you do? First, turn off the TV and then consider some of these ideas. Here’s a list of fun things to do. Many of these can be done alone or with a friend or family member.

Fun Things to Do

Go to a movie.

Read a book.

Color in an adult coloring book.

Read poetry.

Write poetry.

Read a magazine or a blog.


Make a cup of tea and enjoy a piece of dark chocolate. Savor it.

Knit or crochet. I like to make dish cloths. Fast, easy, and make good presents.

Fun Things to Do

Go for a stroll in your neighborhood or a park.

Write a short story.

Ride your bike.

Go on a hike.

Call a friend just to chat.

Write a screenplay.

Learn to draw.

Paint a picture.

Make bead jewelry.

Play some lively music and dance.

Take up gardening. Spend an evening planting or weeding.

Check out local events at your library or community center.

Attend a free concert in the area.

Join a meet up group.

Go to a wine tasting.

Have a beer at a local brewery.

Take a cooking class.

Organize a closet or a drawer.

Write a letter. Yes, a handwritten note and then put in an envelope with a stamp and mail it.

Take a course.

Listen to an audio book or podcast. Pick a subject you don’t normally listen to.

Print photos from your phone or send the photos online to a local drug store for printing. Pick them up the next day and then put them in a photo album or in a frame.

Grab a camera and take pictures of your neighborhood.

Make a photo book.

Write in a journal.

Play music or learn to play an instrument.

Have a spa night at home: soak in a tub or soak your feet and then give yourself a mani-pedi.

Enjoy Yourself

Give yourself a facial.

Create a list of all the things you still want to do with your life.

Get a massage.

Learn reiki and use it on yourself.

Work on your family tree.

Attend a yoga class.

Attend a religious service.

Go to bed early.

Please feel free to comment on which of these sound good to you or add to the list with your own ideas of fun things to do.

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