Better Health and Wellness through Nutrition with Sarah Koszyk

#142 Better Health and Wellness through Nutrition with Sarah Koszyk

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In episode 142, Jill and Chris talk with Sarah Koszyk, MA, RDN. She is an award-winning Registered Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist and the co-founder of MIJA Naturals, a green beauty wellness company,  As a Registered Dietitian and Food & Nutrition Expert, Sarah understands the power that food has on our bodies. She knows that consuming the right foods can enhance one’s beauty, nourish one’s soul, and restore one’s health.

She works in the San Francisco Bay Area of California with technology firm CEOs, executives, and employees, Bay Area families, as well as professional, elite, and collegiate athletes. She also has nationwide and international clientele.

Sarah is a published author of four books, all based on whole foods for optimizing health, wellness, and beauty.

We discuss:

  • The mistake of going from “zero to hero”
  • Importance of protein following a workout
  • The importance of snacks and about her book: 365 Snacks for Every Day of the Year: Snacks Under 250 Calories At Home, At School or Work, On the Go, At a Convenience Store, or For Your Sweet Tooth
  • Peruvian super foods like Maca, Goldenberry and Cacao
  • Tips to not overeat during the holidays.
  • Embracing the hunger
  • Paying attention to protein and colors of food… as well as focus on fiber, water and protein
  • Her favorite sheet pan recipes
  • Learning about food sensitivities using a FodMaps elimination diet
  • Mija products like her coffee creamer with coconut milk powder and Lions Mane Mushroom powder to enhance cognition

Links for Better Health and Wellness through Nutrition with Sarah Koszyk:

Her books are available at her website:
The products mentioned in this episode. SuperStar and Galaxy Cloud Creamer are at her MIJA Naturals website.
To receive a 20% discount on her products, use the discount code: BECOMINGELLI when you check out from her shop at MIJA Naturals

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