Live Your Dreams with Ultra Kayaker Traci Lynn Martin

Episode 95 – Ultra Kayaker

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In episode 95, Chris and Jill talk with Ultra Kayaker Traci Lynn Martin. who is a Guinness world record holder as the fastest solo female to kayak the entire Mississippi River at 55 days, 8 hours, and 17 minutes. The previous fastest time for a solo female was 61 days.

Besides conquering the Mississippi River, Traci Lynn has circumnavigated Lake Huron, Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, the 3 largest lakes in North America – over 3000 miles paddled.

Traci Lynn, a 54-year-old nurse from Kansas City Missouri, has a medical diagnosis of Rheumatoid Autoimmune disease. She wants to inspire other people with chronic health conditions, to know that their life is precious and valuable, and they can still find the strength to get up and do the things that they love.

During this episode we discuss:
* Her training to strengthen her core and upper body.
* How she handles her Rheumatoid Arthritis
* Mental strength needed for Ultra kayaking
* Why she has taken on such hug challenges like circumventing the Great Lakes and traveling the entire Mississippi
* How she fuels and eats as an ultra kayaker

Ultra Kayaker Traci Lynn Martin


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