Small Simple Changes with Hope Zvara

Episode 126 – Small Simple Changes with Hope Zvara

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In episode 126, Jill and Chris talk with Hope Zvara, a yoga, movement, and lifestyle expert and CEO of Mother Trucker Yoga. She has helped change thousands of lives over the last 20 years using her simple step-by-step strategies and what she calls her “yoga toolbox” encouraging others that they can feel better wherever you are with small simple changes.

She helps truck drivers go from a sedentary lifestyle to feeling good again with small simple changes from the cab of the truck. Although she works with a lot of men, she spent the first 18 years of her career working with women between the ages of 45-65.  And now, even though women only make up 10% of the trucking industry, they are her loyal clients.

Small Simple Changes with Hope Zvara

“Showing drivers how they can take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits with small simple changes they can apply to their day every day while living over the road is a huge win for them. With the right tools and strategies, fitness at any age does not have to be complicated. And if women can take their health back from the cab of the truck- then the everyday women can do anything!”

Small Simple Changes with Hope Zvara - truck

We discuss:

  • How she helps people who work in small spaces with limited mobility during working hours.
  • Tools she has developed for those with aches and pains
  • Advice for traveling: how to stretch before, during and after a long trip
  • Tools for women over 50 – improving your fitness a few minutes at a time
  • Hope’s 15 minute wellness method
  • How she helped one of her clients who lost over 100 pounds, quit smoking and now cooks healthy meals – in the cab of her semi truck.
  • Hope’s guide to eleven stretches you need to feel good again. Her one minute video of seven of them and Simple Strength training blog post.
  • Stiff Mother Trucker – her special pain relief cream – 100% natural, paraben-free, gluten- free, sulfate-free and artificial dye free

Her Mother Trucker Yoga website

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