Inspiration to Maintain a Weight Loss During Thanksgiving Weekend

The big weekend is approaching. The four-day food and shopping fest is next weekend. In the past six years of {struggling} to maintain my weight loss, I work to find inspiration for maintaining my weight loss.

Having the Becoming Elli Community helps me. I know I needed a lot of support to lose the weight. It took me about five years to lose the weight. I found that originally losing it was one thing. I still need support and more knowledge to keep it off. Staying fit, strong and healthy is definitely the ultimate goal. I need to go step by step to stay on the path.

Thanksgiving can be a slippery slope for me. I know that there are many people who say things like – just eat until you’re satisfied – or don’t worry about it on one day – just enjoy everything. Inside my head, I know that doesn’t work for me. At least not yet. Maybe next year.

But this year, I know I need to have an action plan for Thanksgiving day and actually the whole weekend because of all the oh-so-easy to pick at and eat leftovers from the feast.

Sometimes other people refer to it as a goal, but in reality, it is more of an action plan. Things I will do, rather than focusing on the desired end result goal.

My action plan this year. I will:
1) Exercise Thanksgiving morning
2) Bring complex carb roasted vegetables that I absolutely love
3) Make the day all about people and talk, talk, talk
4) Drink at least 64 oz of water
5) Take a deep breathing break at least 4 times during the day to de stress
6) Listen once again to Marsha Friedman’s Coping With Holiday Stress podcast episode & re-read her tips
7) Look for the fun in the holiday beyond the food/shopping extravaganza to make up a gratitude list

I’ll probably make a clumsy turkey out of assembled vegetables – here’s the one from last year. Although this year I might try a variety of those big Mediterranean olives for the body along with peppers, carrots, celery and cauliflower.In a way I look at this vegetable turkey and see a huge pinterest fail, but in another way, no one was too intimidated by its beauty to not eat it! Most the raw vegetables were gone and the ones left over found their way into turkey soup!

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