Maintaining a Healthy Mindset

Today’s post is a compilation of ways I’m maintaining my healthy mindset and keep my mental resiliency.

During this challenging week, I’ve exercised three times, but am finding my anxiety start to creep up because I’m challenged with uncertainty. Mental attitude is key.

Usually cardio and a good workout keeps the creeping anxiety away, but this past week has been a challenge.

This challenge is a different kind of long haul than running a long distance, but keeping good mantras in my head will definitely help!

Part of this list is keeping a positive mental attitude and another section is a distraction from deluge the constant texts, emails and social media news about the virus. While I want to stay informed, I know that for me, it’s important to for my mental health keep my focus optimistic and peaceful.

1) Projects I haven’t had time for – remember that quilt stash I talked about getting rid of? Now is a perfect time to create something beautiful. I am going to start with throw pillow sized blocks and then piece them together. I find a special joy in creating something, needle work, or art work that also brings calm.

2) Yoga – One of my favorite places to find wonderful yoga online that relaxes and inspires me is Dr. Melissa West’s library of yoga videos. I particularly like her Yin Yoga series as most of the yoga classes and videos don’t touch on that type of yoga.

3) Museum Tours – Who knew that some of the biggest and best museums have free online tours. Although I haven’t had the time or inclination to visit these on line in the past, having a major getaway like this will definitely feed my brain with creative and inspiring images.

4) Learn a new skill – My library and many libraries subscribe to Lynda tutorials, which is owned by LinkedIn. With thousands of how to videos, this is a wonderful opportunity for me to brush up on some new technologies, for free. I’ve been working on my family’s genealogy and may have more time for that now. Connecting ancestors helps me think about all the struggles people have had over the years and how lucky I am.

5) Declutter – This was one of my yearly words and now is a perfect time to take this one seriously. It’s on my to do list, but in small doses. I feel better afterwards, as long as I take it in one hour bits.

6) Garden – Now that it is almost spring, pulling weeds and cleaning out some of the old dead leaves and pine needles will help bring out some new blooms. Flowers help me keep maintaining a healthy mindset.

These crocus from March 5 are signalling that spring is just around the corner!
flowers help me keep maintaining a healthy mindset
Last year on March 15, 2019. My PJM bush is not blooming yet this year.

7) Little Indulgences – While now is perhaps the time to try those healthy recipes, I’ve gone back to adding honey in my tea. (It more sweetness than sugar!)

8) Hand Massage – My skin is getting a bit rough and cracked from all the sanitizing and hand washing, so a short daily hand massage with nice smelling lotion and warm towels is getting added to this list.

How about you? What are you doing to maintain your health, both mentally and physically?

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