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#159 Get Healthy with Chris Freytag

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In episode 150, Jill McCauslin and Chris Brown interview Chris Freytag, the founder of Get Healthy U and Get Healthy U TV.

Chris Freytag has been teaching, training, writing books, creating DVD’s, and speaking on the subject of health and fitness for the last 30 years.

Get Healthy U TV is a streaming website with workouts for midlife women. They have over 700 workouts for all levels and ages. You can access the workouts on your computer, smart phone, Roku, Fire TV and the Get Healthy U app.

Get Healthy U is the sister fitness hub that educates and inspires women to make healthy lifestyle choices as they age. Get Healthy U provides trustworthy information about health, fitness, well being, nutrition, and recipes.

Get Healthy U TV and Get Healthy U reach over 1 million women a month through their website, newsletters, social media and workouts.

Chris lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband where they raised their three now-grown kids.

We discussed:

  • How we can develop healthy habits as we age
  • Why waiting for motivation isn’t a great idea
  • How to get yourself moving when you don’t feel like it
  • How to manage your health when you’re dealing with the stress of everyday life
  • How much cardio and strength training should women over 50 do each week
  • Her thoughts on yoga, Pilates and mini trampolines (rebounders)
  • What she recommends for the best way to get started on getting more healthy
Chris Freytag leading a group of women in a workout.


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7 thoughts on “Get Healthy with Chris Freytag”

  1. Hi Bobbie,

    I too struggle with protein. I feel like I eat a lot but I still don’t hit the numbers I want. I added dairy back into my diet to get both the calcium and the protein so I too eat Greek yogurt. Cottage cheese has been really helpful. I think we’ll try to have someone on the podcast that can address protein in detail. I just bought some Fairlife protein drinks to see if adding one of those a day helps at all.

    Chris is correct, of course, about talking with your doctor about supplements but I’ve found that most doctors know nothing much about fitness and supplements like creatine. I’ve asked a couple of doctors about creatine and they’ve looked at me blankly. It’s a good question, though, about interacting with medications.

    I suspect that would be a good question for a pharmacist though I’ve never asked one about creatine. Maybe we should ask Amy Wilson ( ( what her thoughts are. She is a pharmacist and strongly recommended taking creatine.

    The research that I’ve done seems that creatine is only a problem if you take NSAIDs frequently or take anything for your kidneys.

    I find this drug interaction checker to be useful. It listed five medications that interact with creatine. Two of them had moderate interactions and three had mild. Here’s another link.

    Certainly you should check with your health professional. That’s good advice.

    I think I should turn this response into a blog post!

    Oh, and thank you for your comments about the podcast. We really enjoy doing it and it’s nice to hear that others are enjoying listening to it.


  2. what I was trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how much you learn and know about exercise and health. There will be periods when you are not quite as aware and efficient and it is good to be encouraged and reminded about to take action

  3. Hi Chris I was listening to the postcast in begoming Elli. And that was truly the thing I needed right now to take action all day. I’ve been athlete my hole life, played soccer for 20 years, competed in some bodystrenght competitions after I quit soccer 32 years old.
    I start cycling 7 years ago because of my kneeproblem and do take part in competition in Iceland. I’m a nurse, puplic health diploma, and personal trainer but last 2-3 years I almost quit training because of my busy work as a head of nurse in my department but I miss it. Thank you for the good advise and the motivation. I was trying to find the link to buy the AG1 but can’t find it. I think I can’t buy it in Iceland
    Best regard from Iceland

    1. I can’t find the AG1 link either! Probably an email to Chris Freytag would work but I think that you’re right, they don’t ship to Iceland. There are other green drinks, of course, so you might check them out.

      I think you’re absolutely correct that we go through times when being physically active is more difficult. The important thing is to return to it when you can. I like the idea that motivation follows action. I found that to be a helpful thought.


  4. Hello ladies,
    Thank you for today’s podcast. I find all your podcast guests interesting. Thank you for what you do!

    I know your focusing on eating the colors of the rainbow, which I normally do anyway. But this year, I’m trying my hardest to eat more protein with every meal and boy is that hard. I continue to hear as we age we need to eat more protein, especially if we’re exercising regularly (and for so many other health benefits).
    I continue to struggle with figure out how much protein to eat, increase the amount only on days you work out, every day regardless to lose/maintain weight, or something else. I’d like to know if you have a specific podcast on rules on when to eat protein and how much?

    Final question, do you have a podcast on, as we age, some may be on specific medications like, blood pressure or cholesterol meds. Is it ok to take creatine to help with muscle growth and recovery? Or absolutely never take creatine if on certain medications? I’m aware of, consult with your doctor first.

    Thank you for all that you do for this community ❤️

    1. Hi Bobbie:
      Thanks so much for all the complements!

      I agree with you about the protein and find that for me personally eating Greek Yogurt (I like FAGE 0% fat) has helped me up my protein levels. I’m sure other women over 50 have great ideas of ways to add protein that are “easy”! We’ll work on adding some protein questions/answers on some of our upcoming podcasts.

      As far as medications, those questions are really better answered by your own doctor. Supplements too for that matter. Getting regular check ups and monitoring my own body’s numbers is very helpful for me. It really is an individual thing, not one size fits all. We all eat a little differently and have different histories. Knowing your own numbers and making decisions from there is very helpful for me.

      Thanks again for being a loyal listener and participating in the Becoming Elli community of fit strong women over 50!

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