Between Salads and Soups

I’m feeling that time of year, between salads and soups. Most people call it the equinox, when the days and the nights are about the same length. Here in the states we are moving from winter into spring.

I know we have some readers and listeners who will be moving from summer into autumn, like Sue Loncaric who publishes on Living Well After 50. Jill and I interviewed her in 2021 for the Fit Strong Women Over 50 podcast.

Between Salads and Soups

I find that most of my vegetables end up in salads or soups, or sometimes both. I especially like soups with roasted vegetables but find that I’m adding roasted vegetables to some of my salads as well.

Roasted red peppers are incredibly sweet. I also find that roasting onions for use on a salad or in a soup makes them so delicious.

I love the crunch of lettuce, spinach and baby greens in a salad, and enjoy topping it with some of the other veggies that make it so colorful.

I also love the smoothness of soup on a cold day.

When we are right in between seasons, I find my lunches include both! it’s a wonderful time to have soup AND salad.

If you have a favorite soup or salad recipe that you enjoy when we’re between salad and soup seasons, please feel free to share it with us. Please post it below… or share it in our private Facebook group. Thanks!

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