Fitness Challenge Recap

Recently, I participated in my gym’s fitness challenge. I was nervous about signing up because I felt like my training had been erratic this year due to injury and traveling but when I saw the list of activities, I decided to give it a try.

Fitness Challenge

We had one minute to complete the exercises with two minutes of rest in between. Here’s what we had to do:

  • Row on the rowing machine
  • Push ups, as many as possible. Women over 50 did modified push challenge
  • Dumbbell Farmer’s Carry. Women over 50 carried a pair of 30 pound dumbbells.Fitness Challenge
  • A running agility test. The goal was to do it as quickly as possible.
  • Dead lift four different bars with progressively heavier weights. Women over 50 lifted 75, 105, 135, and 155 pounds.

Fitness Challenge

  • Bike for two minutes.

Fitness Challenge

  • Inverted Rows. Women over 50 had to do 31 to get the maximum points.

Fitness Challenge

  • Ski ERG Go for distance.

Fitness Challenge

  • Treadmill Run for two minutes. The participant could set the treadmill at the speed he or she wanted and the distance was recorded.

Fitness Challenge

The total possible points was 36. I don’t think any participants earned a perfect score. Instead, the highest anyone earned was 34 points. I managed to get 29 points, surpassing my expectations.

I earned the highest possible points on everything except for the agility test, biking, the Ski machine, and the treadmill, proving that I’m strong but not fast. The exercises that required speed was my weak point.  However, I squeaked by on the rowing machine to get maximum points.

These fitness challenges are usually fun. The gym changes up what’s in the challenge so some are more enjoyable than others. I found this one to be both challenging and enjoyable.

My last challenge was a year ago. The format was completely different and was held outside. I won that one too. We really need to work on getting more women over 50 to compete. 


2 thoughts on “Fitness Challenge Recap”

  1. Jill –
    That sounds like a wonderful challenge and I think you rocked it. Thanks for including the photos. Some of the exercises are not things that I do on a regular basis. I know what a row is, but not the inverted row. Is it like a pull up?

    1. I used to do inverted rows to help with getting able to do a pull up so you’re right, it’s the same set of muscles. You put your feet out, hold onto a bar, and pull yourself up to it. It’s almost like doing an upside down push up!

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