Why This is one of the Best Podcasts for Women Over 50 in 2024

The Fit Strong Women Over 50 Podcast is one of the best podcasts for women over 50 to listen to in 2024. I’m not kidding.

Why do I think that? Lots of Reasons!

Great resources for healthy eating and exercise:

  • Tips from experts
  • News about supplements
  • Ideas about how to maintain a weight loss
  • Wanting to start lifting weights? We’ve talked to many women about how to begin to lift
  • Wondering about how to eat – vegan, keto, paleo, vegetarian, dairy-free, sugar free or other ways
  • Many many articles
  • Book reviews

Motivation and Inspiration:

  • Interesting adventurous guests
  • Mantras and inspiring quotes
  • Building community
  • Looking at aging in new ways (for instance Elli – who beat Thor in a wresting match
  • Challenges to help you stay on track
  • Conversations with fit and strong women doing interesting things

ListenNotes.com, a website that ranks podcasts, as of today (January 8, 2024) lists our podcast, FIT STRONG WOMEN OVER 50, in the top 2.5 podcasts. This is against ALL the podcasts out there. We’ve been publishing since 2018 twice a month and have learned so much over that time.

If you’re looking for one of the best podcasts for women over 50 in 2024, you really can’t go wrong with listening to this one.  Click below to listen and subscribe on your favorite app. Share with a friend who’s also looking for resources and inspiration.

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