Midlife Mindset and Wellness with Heike Yates

#146 – Midlife Mindset and Wellness with Heike Yates

In episode 146, Jill and Chris talk with Heike Yates, a Midlife Mindset and Fitness Coach. She is a powerhouse in fitness, nutrition, and mindset with over 35 years of expertise. Heike breaks down the complexities of midlife wellness into simple, actionable steps you can start taking action today. But don’t mistake her for someone helping you get by in midlife—Heike’s all about helping you thrive.

She’s transforming not just bodies but lives with her unique approach to getting active, eating right, and boosting energy. When she’s not coaching or behind the mic, catch her outdoors, pushing her limits as a triathlete or embarking on a new adventure.

Heike’s podcast, Pursue Your Spark, has over 200 episodes and is a wealth of resources and inspiration for mid-life women. Heike also has two other podcasts, one about intermittent fasting and one about Pilates.

We interviewed Heike in November of 2020 episode #71 and reconnected with her in August of 2023 at a podcast conference in Boulder Colorado. we knew we had to ask Heike to return to the podcast.

We discussed:

  • Advice for someone trying to make health or fitness changes in the new year
  • Creating a plan for changing fitness or eating
  • What is a Blueprint for Women in Midlife
  • How to get over the idea of perfectionism
  • Using Mindfulness, tracking, fear and judgement
  • Motivation – what works better than motivation for doing exercise?
  • Working out with Pilates
  • Incorporating intermittent fasting with travel and a hectic lifestyle


Website https://heikeyates.com
Her downloadable intermittent fasting tip sheet
Her podcasts
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/heikeyates/

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Midlife Mindset and Wellness with Heike Yates


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