Aging Youthfully with Joanna Bowen

#131 – Aging Youthfully with Joanna Bowen

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In episode 131, Jill and Chris talk with Joanna Bowen, Certified Nutritional Practitioner. She is the founder of the Younger With Food community and creator of The AGEless Method, a program that empowers women to rewind their cellular aging clock by using diet and lifestyle habits so they can reclaim the resilient body, healthy brain, glowing skin, and youthful energy of their prime.

A graduate of the University of Waterloo, The Institute of Holistic Nutrition and the Functional Nutritional Alliance, Joanna has pursued additional training in culinary genomics, and is a licensed Facelift Diet Coach through the Academy of Beauty Nutrition.

Author of 3 Genius Hacks to Unlock Inner Youth Without Botox, Fillers or Cosmetic Surgery, Joanna takes an inside-out approach to aging youthfully through the emerging science of epigenetics and “nutrigenomics”.

In Aging Youthfully with Joanna Bowen, we discuss:

  • Testing for epigenetics and nutrigenomics
  • Telomeres
  • Finding the best foods for our genetic background
  • Supplements
  • Exercise
  • Comparing cellular age to actual chronological age
  • Improving skin issues
  • The AGEless Method

Links we mentioned:

Free download for our listeners: 3 Genius Hacks to Unlock Inner Youth Without Botox, Fillers or Cosmetic Surgery
Younger With Food community
Joanna’s wellness website:

2 thoughts on “Aging Youthfully with Joanna Bowen”

  1. Very interesting interview.
    Loved learning how what we put on our face has a direct correlation to what we put in our body.

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