Veggie Challenge with Sauerkraut

Yes, my entry this week in the veggie challenge involves sauerkraut. I think fermented vegetables can count for the challenge. I’ve certainly eaten sauerkraut before but I came up with a new way to eat it.

I know this is not a pretty dish. In fact, the photo is pretty bad but it ended up tasting better than it looks.

I thought of this and then I googled it. I discovered that I’m not the first person to think of it but I did think of it without prompting.

We’ve talked about fermented vegetables before and I’m trying to add at least one serving of fermented food into my day.

Sauerkraut with Sardines

This is a simple recipe.

Mash up some sardines and mix them with some sauerkraut.

That’s it. When I made it, I used about a cup of sauerkraut and a full can of sardines. The nutrition label on the sardines said the can was one serving so I used all of it.6

I think that mixing the sauerkraut with the sardines really made two servings. I couldn’t finish the whole serving. Let’s face it, a cup of sauerkraut is a lot of sauerkraut.

I usually buy sardines with the bones but this time I ended up with skinless and boneless sardines. They mixed well with the sauerkraut.

This recipe includes fermented cabbage which is supposed to be good for you and sardines which are also supposed to be good for you. Sardines are small fish so are unlikely to have mercury in them and have lots of good Omega 3 fats for you.

So, how was it? Actually, pretty good. The two ingredients both have strong flavors but combined together well.

I think this would be great on some pumpernickel rye bread because it also has a strong flavor that would complement this dish.

Next time, I’ll try wrapping it up in some romaine leaves to add a bit more crunch to it.


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