Health Coach, Personal Trainer, and All-Around Athlete Stacy Rhea

Episode #15 of Becoming Elli – Fit, Strong Women Over 50

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In this podcast, Chris and Jill discuss the 150-mile bike ride Chris rode this summer and their training efforts over the summer. They also talk with Stacy Rhea, a health coach and personal trainer, who participates in all kinds of sports.

In her 20’s, Stacy was like many of us. She drank, she ate whatever she wanted, and had no knowledge about healthy living or eating. She also smoked starting at the age of 13. When her father had to have quadruple bypass surgery, Stacy decided to make changes in her own life.

Stacy’s journey into health and fitness began with body building where she began to realize the power of nutrition to change our bodies.

Health Coach Stacy Rhea

Stacy is passionate about health. She has helped hundreds of people make healthy changes in their lives and coach them to success in their athletic endeavors. She helps her clients find what they love to do and she works with them on it, whether it’s running, hiking, or even rock climbing.

Stacy says, “It’s never too early to start working out and it’s never too late.”  She works with people of all ages, from teens to people in their 60s.  Most of her clients are women though she also works with men. Stacy’s philosophy is:

  • Education is king
  • Health and fitness start with the fork
  • A healthy, fit life takes consistency

As a personal trainer, Stacy works with clients one-on-one to help them improve their fitness. As a health coach, she may work with clients virtually and widens the focus of her services to include all aspects of healthy living.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Getting Ohioans Healthy Again
  • Most important things for women over 50 to know and do
  • Importance of food in keeping us fit and healthy
  • Bicycle racing and velodromes
  • The difference between a health coach and a personal trainer


Cleveland Velodrome

Fitness Food

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