Done With Dieting with Elizabeth Sherman

Episode 78
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In episode 78, Jill and Chris talk with Elizabeth Sherman about the problems with dieting and willpower.

Elizabeth is a life and weight loss coach who works with women in mid-life to lose weight and feel better through managing easy to do, sustainable habits: diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Using certain cues, including cravings, hunger, energy, stress (mood), and sleep, she helps individuals design the right health program for their body and lifestyle, and address obstacles and barriers.

“We can achieve optimal health; which leads to better energy, focus, productivity, relationships, and happiness in our lives.”

Elizabeth is a Chicago native, who now lives in Puerto Morelos Mexico and meets with her clients online. She is a certified life coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, and health coach.

We discuss why she is done with dieting:

  • Why the “eat less, move more” advice can be more harmful than helpful
  • How she was able to curb her cravings and what she recommends to clients
  • How she has helped hundreds of women in midlife to lose weight and keep weight off
  • What does it mean to listen to your body
  • Why dieting, willpower or eliminating food groups doesn’t work
  • Her ideas on frequency and density for changing habits and why that helps
  • Why she tends to “overload veggies” at lunch
  • Thoughts on intermittent fasting, dealing with stress, bedtime routines
  • How she suggests working with your higher brain to use your lower brain for making changes

Here are her social media links:
Facebook: Total Health by Eliz
Instagram: @Esherman68
LinkedIn: Elizabeth Sherman
Podcast: Done with Dieting with Elizabeth Sherman

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