The Wonders of Bacon

I received an email from some website suggesting that I should write a blog post about the wonders of bacon because “everyone loves bacon.” I thought, yes, perhaps that’s true but it doesn’t seem to fit with the Becoming Elli motif.  We’re the group who does the Veggie Challenge. We’re a group of women who eat in a variety of ways but we do try to focus on being healthy.

Bacon is popular right now with the Keto followers because it’s a good source of fat and protein. It’s a very fatty meat, regardless of the source of the pork.

The Wonders of Bacon

I remember frying up lots of bacon to go with pancakes when my son had a birthday sleepover to celebrate turning 13. Those boys wolfed it down. One boy complained that he couldn’t eat the pork bacon so the next time I bought both pork and turkey bacon. Those boys ate all of both kinds of bacon. They weren’t fussy.

I went through a phase of cooking turkey bacon. My husband was supposed to eat a low fat diet. (This was probably close to 15 years ago.) Turkey bacon was considered to be better for him. Perhaps it was, but it was hard to say.

Continuing with my history with the wonders of bacon, I quit eating bacon for several years. Then I began to make occasional visits to a local farm’s butcher shop. They had natural bacon, not treated with anything, and it was so good. It was expensive enough that I only bought it as a treat but when I had it, I enjoyed every strip.

BLT Sandwich

Because of the pandemic for the past year and a half, I didn’t make it to that shop until this summer. I bought a package of bacon to enjoy. I fried up several slices and made myself a BLT. Because I don’t normally eat bacon and rarely eat bread, this was a treat. I bought a good loaf of sourdough bread, some locally grown leaf lettuce and tomatoes and made my sandwich. Oh, was it good.

I have no idea if my BLT qualifies as healthy eating but I enjoyed every bite of it.

Now, here’s the sad part of the story. I cooked more slices than I needed for my sandwich so decided I would use those extra strips for a sandwich the next day. When I went to put them in the refrigerator, they were gone. Penny, my Irish doodle, had counter surfed the bacon. That really expensive bacon that I bought as a treat for myself. She clearly enjoyed it too because I caught her looking for more.

So yes, when the email says write about the wonders of bacon because “everyone loves bacon,” they are correct. Even my dog loves bacon.

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